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We know very little about cannabinoids. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you… and that’s why WE are here.

Let me start at the beginning...

I studied biochemistry and pharmacology. I have read thousands of cannabinoid lab reports (COAs), hundreds of soil tests, and designed extraction systems for some of the largest cannabis processors in the country… and I know very little about cannabinoids.

Let me tell you what I do know…

I know that over 100 cannabinoids have been identified… and not a single one has been thoroughly researched. We are all familiar with THC and its “high”, but what about its potential for treating pain, multiple sclerosis, and spasticity? CBD has been approved by the FDA to treat two different seizure disorders, but even in the absence of conclusive research, thousands of people swear by it for treating pain, inflammation, depression, anxiety, and movement disorders to name a few. Everyone has a story about a friend or family member that discarded opiate pain medication for cannabinoids. Or an arthritic older pet that began to play like a puppy when they were given daily CBD. But, these stories are anecdotal and inconsistent.

I know that cannabinoids affect every person and every pet differently. I take full-spectrum oil nightly for insomnia but some other people that suffer from insomnia get no effect from the same oil. Kiva, my old pitbull, is missing one of her hip joints, and limps constantly unless she gets her daily 3 drops of Hemp Oil. At 5 drops she happily snores in the corner… but I have seen other dogs her size that take multiple droppers full, and show no effect. The difference likely is a combination of the underlying cause of the symptom and individual biochemistry.

I know that not all cannabinoid sources are the same. There is a huge difference in efficacy between full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate products. It has been clearly shown that cannabinoids interact synergistically. The overall effect of a cannabinoid product is more than the sum of the parts, this is known as the entourage effect. Taking 30mg of CBD as part of a full spectrum cannabinoid product will have a much different effect than taking 30mg of CBD isolate. There is even a difference between strains. Each strain has its own cannabinoid profile, like a fingerprint. Full spectrum products leave this profile intact during the extraction process, but this variability could become an issue if a different source material is used from batch to batch.

I know that not all CBD products are the same. When tested by independent laboratories, many CBD products contain far less CBD than the label claims… or in some cases no cannabinoids at all. Others are incorrectly labelled as full spectrum when they contain isolate instead of a naturally occurring blend of cannabinoids. A lack of regulation and manufacturing standards allows manufacturers to say almost anything they want on their labels and websites. Most consumers don't know what to look for on CBD product labels, or how to read a Certificate of Analysis (COA). This allows manufacturers to operate with impunity… Even in some cases to the point of altering product COAs.

I know that not all CBD companies are the same. Many CBD products are “white labeled,” or produced under contract by a few large manufacturers. Many of these large companies also pivoted in recent months to manufacturing hand sanitizer in order to capitalize on the pandemic. They aren’t committed to the products they produce… they are committed to making money. Many CBD “manufacturers” don't manufacture anything at all. They purchase white label products through brokers, mark them up, and resell them.

I know that pesticides, heavy metals, and additives have no place in my food, supplements, or medicine. Most products in the hemp industry aren't adequately tested for contaminants. Manufacturers claim to rigorously test their products, yet you have to dig through their websites to find COAs. When you find a COA, it is usually limited to finished potency, with no testing for contaminants. When you do find contaminant testing, it is often limited to testing of the finished product, allowing manufacturers to use low quality hemp extracts and dilute out contaminants.

That is why we are here for you.

Whether you buy Green Element CBD products, or another brand, educate yourself. We don't have all the answers, but we founded Green Element CBD because we believe the CBD industry is sorely lacking in transparency and integrity. CBD products should be affordable, available, and manufactured without compromise.

We believe that anyone buying CBD products needs to:

  • Know your manufacturer and your farmer. How is your hemp grown? How is your hemp extracted? Learn what questions you should be asking.
  • Learn how to read a COA. Are you getting what you paid for? How do you tell if a product is contaminated? How can you tell if a COA has been altered? Know how to verify your manufacturer’s posted test results.
  • Know what type of cannabinoid product is best for you or your pet. Is it a tincture, an oil, a gummy, or a capsule? Is it full spectrum, broad spectrum, or made from isolate? Understand the differences, and how to tell if your manufacturer is accurately labelling their products.
  • Know what dosage is best for you or your pet. What factors affect the dosage? Know how to maximize bioavailability for consistent results and cost effective daily use.

My goal for this blog is to educate and provide resources for you to make informed decisions about supplementing your diet with CBD and other cannabinoids. I will cite sources wherever possible, but invariably some information will be my opinion.

I can’t tell you what CBD will do for you… but I can help you to be a more discerning consumer.

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